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Saturday, May 1, 2010

These Blogs Inspire Me ....

Thinking about throwing this blog out to my personal learning network prompted me to spend the evening visiting, revisiting and devouring my favourite educational blogs. Each of them has something special which inspires me in a different way. The cloud is filled with talented educators sharing their knowledge, philosophy and creativity. Below is a shout out to just a few of my go-to blogs and the bloggers who are unknowing mentors in this new blogging endeavor of mine.

Miss O's Library Land - This blog contains frequent, well written book reviews focused primarily on picture books for K-2. The format is friendly and the info spot on.

Portable PD - I found this blog recently and although I have never met the 2 teachers, they teach in the same Canadian province as I do. Perhaps we will meet up some day. For now I follow them on Twitter ( @janesmith @ntoft )and enjoy reading thier blogging and podcasting blog. In fact a most recent post listing a top ten of blogging things to think about was very timely as I begin this blogging journey.

Web-Logged - I met and worked with Will Richardson ( @willrich45 on Twitter) at a GECDSB technology session in 2008. I respect his view of the digital path our students are on and can connect with how he often relates tech use to the experiences of his own children.

Doug:Off the Record - One of my favourite people, Doug Peterson ( @dougpete on Twitter), who has been so supportive of my technology learning in the decade, has one of the most engaging educational blogs to follow. I can't tell you how many inspired classroom experiences I have had as a direct result of springboarding off of an idea in one of his blog posts.

I'll conclude with a promotion of sorts - Doug and I will soon be presenting a wiki & web2.0 session as part of the Ontario Teacher's Federation Summer Program. If you are anywhere near Hamilton this July, we'd love to meet you! You can read more about this here.

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