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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog Resurrected

Recently I have had a few setbacks in my own professional growth. An opportunity was presented to interview for the postition of tech/literacy lead and sadly, I was not the successful candidate. The process though, has made me dig deep and think about my philosophy of education in the 21st century. I use technology with my students because learning becomes more engaging, successful and meaningful when we are working on the 'cloud'. So, even though my 'dream job' now belongs to another, I decided to resurrect this blog and record my musings about all things techie, library and whatever else might come to mind.
In preparation for my 'big interview' (and just because I am geeky like that)I bookmarked hundreds of articles and postings about professional development and learning using technology. I now need to sift through and pick out the gems. The treasures may just be future fodder for blog posts to prod my thinking on professional learning. It is about the learning and not the technology, after all. This Alan Kay quote really sums up what educators need to remember about learners using technology.
The computer is simply an instrument whose music is ideas – Alan Kay

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