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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bumptop Bling!

With my morning coffee today I took note of Doug Peterson's recent blog post mentioning that Bumptop had been acquired by Google. Being the self proclaimed Queen of Bling, I decided that while Bumptop was still available for download I would take a look at reinventing my desktop. As a diehard fan of 'bling' I thought it might be fun to load the 3D type interface on my laptop. Enjoying the inital novelty of sliding, throwing and piling my desktop files, I merrily decorated my new desktop space. Not surprisingly, in a short while the plain blue background began to look a bit blah to me. So, after a quick goggle search I discovered that I could personalize the Bumptop even further by downloading theme skins. I found a simple how to video which showed me just how easy it was to add a Bumptop theme to my desktop. And voila! I now have a lovely Dali inspired desktop...

Oh the joys of bling:-)


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