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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank yous

This last month has been a crazy, stressful ride searching for where I can make the most difference next year. My vision has altered a bit, but as of last night my sense of flux is settling.

Inspired by Leah Dieterich's quirky musings on her ThxThxThx blog
, here are a few recent thank yous of my own...

Dear Wine - Thanks for taking grapes to a whole new level of anxiety relief.

Dear Young Adult Fiction - Thank you for allowing my not so young adult brain to believe in dragons, werewolves and fantasy.

Dear Wedgy High Heeled Shoes - Kudos for having those wedgy high heels that look sexy, make me look skinnier and still allow me to walk without a hobble when I take you off. <3

Dear Girlfriends - Thank you for your varied awesomeness, for listening to my whining, steering my uncertainty into confidence and believing in me when I was starting not to believe in myself...

Dear Irony - Yep, the wtf moments have been stellar this past month. Keep 'em comin'

Dear Southern Accents and Guitars - Thank you! Why? Well, if you know me at all, you already know why :-)

Dear Tears - I have been very mad at you recently for showing up when you were not invited, but thank you for inspiring the decision to buy the expensive sunglasses and for being part of who I am.

So, of course, why not bring this writing idea to kids? As the school year comes to a close, what a great way for eighth graders to think about the things they appreciated from their elementary school experience. Now, to find a willing 8th grade teacher to work on this project with me.... Keep you posted:-)


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