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Monday, March 10, 2008

Day One ...

So, finally am home after the excursion to "the Mall". KC had a great time at Build a Bear! We came home with the most expensive Teddy Bear ever created. Got to be really special to work at a place like that. Lots of happy, happy and this is so-so fun-fun being tallied around. Here is a picture of Honey Carmel, who before we left the mall was already renamed Talula. And right now the Talula with the "I am Smart glasses", but "Still a princess" dress is watching KC interact with her online version at the corporate web site. Marketing genius!

Also stopped at Chapters Indigo and picked up a small stack of books for my week of reading. I was disappointed not to find many of the books I had on my interest list, but of course browsed around and found more than enough to keep me happy for a few days at least. The rest I will have to order online (which is the one of the best things since sliced bread as my Granny would say).

Here is the stack I'll be working on. I want to read the Duma Key first.
Ta-ta for now. Much mindless reading to do:-)

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